Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Just some random updates.

- This few days ni, selalu bersin-bersin dan mata selalu gatal. (nak jadi mcm dulu balik)

- I have my second paper tomorrow. Its IT paper. Then, 2 papers to go by next week.

- Holy holiday come to me. I want to sleep all day haha not good for health. yup I know, gotta find some activities. Such, jogging? MAYBE. gonna ask mr bf. Movie? Spend money again??! Yeah, let see kalau-kalau ada duit masa cuti tu. LOL.

- Hish, I have spent a lot of moneyyyy this few weeks. Jimat la dey, duit dah semakin sikit dalam bank! Lets find something to earn side income. I'm gonna sell my clothes and bags which I don't want to use it anymore. Izwin, wait I'll send it to your house, sell it to UITM STUDENTS. hehehe.

- Haaaa. I can start my online business with Diane and Saila. As we already planned.
Kita tengok nanti ya ? Not pre-loved items la, new items la ok?

- Happy for mr bf , he bought a more canggih handphone than the one he used before with his own work moneyyyy.

- I'll help my bf to work on and built up his career as an actor. Siapa yang banyak pengalaman, I really need your help. Not to use your name,but really need your help. hehehe

- Nak potong kuku, but not now not tonight because I have other things to do. Might be tomorrow. I wanna put brown nail polish on my nails. so cute LOL

- I want to attend more events. I want to use and wear all my clothes lah, beli tak pakai. wth. Dah la Malaysia ni nak bergaya over tak sesuai. Kalau ada event ok la jugak. hehe

- eh guys, follow me on twitter lah dey.
Search je lah my full name :) I don't bite, I'm nice.

Till next post


ILYANA said...

irhas siyes nak bkecimpung dlm dunia lakonan? good good. suh ur friend nana tlg,dia kan byk pengalaman. ehas da abes blajo ko?
aritu beria nak tgk irhas blakon,raya ke2 an? tp nyah gi beraya plak.

good luck in ur exam aaaaa!

EYRA said...

haha rugi la tak tgk. takpe sikit je scene dia. takperlah first timer kan.

saje try nasib. dia kan more into music. tapi saja la. mana tau boleh buat duit. kena kejar future daaah!
belajar still lagi. pengalaman pun kena kumpul gak. alang2 dah ada satu. tambah la lagi ye dak? haha