Monday, September 28, 2009

And evening with a friend

Went out to S.Pyramid with Izwin Sapeah (bukan nama sebenar)
Wanted to pick her alter shirt at first. I repeat AT FIRST
But ended up, shopping like there's no tomorrow.
Miss shopaholic blames Izwin for this! HAHAHAHA

I shop a lot this week and I promise to myself I'll stop shopping for a month
or just wait for the next mega sale which is on December 0_o

Finally , I ate chicken rice at the chicken rice shop. (which I craved for it last few days)

Somehow, I didn't managed to cut my hair! I'm still surveying which saloon I wanna go LOL banyak songeh pulak

I love my union jack mini dress. I bought it on the net
I love my studded cotton cardi. Its not worth it if I buy it from the net + shipping blablabla.

I love my new flat shoes.
I love my new leggings! This is the biggest love for now. wheeho.

Eye-ing one bag in Jusco just now, but suddenly terbayangkan muka my Irhas, terus tak jadi.

By the way, get well soon my dear. I miss you so much bbb. get well soon get well soon get well soon.

And here are the pictures.
Gedik pictures I must say! Daa.


Aiza Jeniza said...

wuuuuuuuu! lawa lah baju n beg u! suka suka =)

EYRA said...

Thnks dear! ;)

Anonymous said...

..eyra, cantik flat shoe tu.
kat mane ek u beli?
sangat sangat tertarik la.
i pun nak satu. :|

EYRA said...

siapa anonymous ni? hehe :)
I beli kat vincci jer. banyak kot lawa and affordable kan..
nose pun belambak..
go check em out! :)
tengs for dropping by