Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tagged by Azah on fb, but I prefer to done it here!

1) Do you prefer Crushin’, Interested in, or Relationship?
Hm Relationship?

2) When you meet the right person, do you fall fast?
Sometimes. tengoklah depends

3) Have you ever had your heart broken?

4) Do you believe that there are certain circumstances where cheating is acceptable?
hurm yup

5) Would you ever take someone back if they cheated on you?
cheated? Always

6) Have you talked about marriage with another person?
Yup always jugak

7) If somebody liked you right now, what do you think a cool way to let you know would be?
In a good way and dont get to fast, be my friend and know me well dulu.

8) Do you enjoy playing hard to get?
Yup, I did.

9) Be honest, do you play the “game” when you are dating?
What game ?

10) Do you believe in love at first sight?
Hm. Idk lah!

11) Are you a romantic?
sometimes hehe

12) Do you believe that you can change someone?
Hm no.

13) If you could get married anywhere, where would it be?
Hotel ballroom? Garden? At my house or his house?

14) Sex buddies – good or bad?
Confuse to think about the answer :P

15) Do you easily give in when you are fighting?
Yupppp kan my darling? always

16) Have you ever wished you could’ve had someone but you messed that up?

17) Have you broken a heart?
Yup. hehe opps!

1. Male Friend: Ejard and hezry. Dodo. and my school buddies
2. Female Friend: Sai, Iwin, Aten, Diane, Hanna (They are still the best for now ;p)
3. Vacation: Bandung? Because I love shopping, :)
4. Memory: Good memories with family and bf. and friends. a lot of memories that I could not describe

1. Time of day: morning. I am not a morning person!
2. Day of the week: weekdays. I love weekends!
3. Food: Yang tak sedap.
4. Memory: a lot too ;(

1. Person you saw: my mum ;)
2. Talked to on the phone: my bf :)
3. Text: my bf
4. Messaged over MySpace? I can't recall

1. What are you doing right now? doing this! and playing games on fb
2. Wearing? baju tidur
3. Better than yesterday? Dang tiring day tau today. the weather is so hot. Yesterday's better
4. Did you see the person you like? Yup, just now
5. What’s the weather? hot hot heat

1. Is: Rabu
2. Got any plans? damn morning classssssssss! and xfm konti?
3. Dislikes about tomorrow: morning class la!

1. Number: 8
2. Song: Banyak la.
3. Season: Haha awan mendung berarak. Hm summer lah malaysia tak ada winter
4. Cartoon: I hate cartoon. Long time ago I enjoyed watching Pink Phanter , Tom and Jerry

1. Missing someone: Yeah, my bfffffff
2. Mood: Marah pun ada, Hm.
3. Wanting: To be hold by mr bf
4. Listening to: bunyi kipas hehe

True or False
I am a morning person: False
I am an only child: False
I am currently in my PJ’s: True!
I am currently suffering from a broken heart: False
I can be paranoid at times: True
I currently regret something that I have done: True
I curse frequently: False
I enjoy country music: True
I enjoy hip hop: True
I enjoy techno/trance: True
I enjoy talking on the phone: True
I have a hidden talent: True
I have a secret that I am ashamed to reveal: True
I have all my grandparents: False :(
I have at least one brother and/or sister: True
I have been told that I have an unusual sense of humor: False
I have changed a diaper: False
I have changed a lot over the past year: Trueeee
I have done something illegal: True
I have had major/minor surgery: False
I have had my hair cut within the last 2 months: Trueee
I have had the cops called on me: False!

Single or Taken: Taken baby!
Eye color: Black la kot, nanti I check hahaha
Hair: Middle long
Height: Dah lama tak ukur ni
Righty or lefty: Righty
Can you make a dollar in change right now? Yes

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Random Sabtuday!

Well nothing special today.
Woke up about 12 pm
Went to Bangsar with the parents.
Had lunch at Devis there.
Sungguh lapar dan bedal je makanan apa ada.

Okay, after that balik rumah.
Tunggu my bf bersiap2.
He picked me up pulak, kitorg pergi Sunway Pyramid pulak!
Hehehe, thanks b for the makan. haha
Makan nandos. dang sumpah perut buncit da.
Jalan2. Bought my headbands at Diva , thanks again b!
Sambung jalan2 lagi to Topshop selepas itu ke Borneo Rainforest for some drinks! Yeay!
Once again thanks b for the drink. :)
Settle, balik. Sent my bf to muzium shah alam, ada kerja sikit.
I went home.

Right now at home, yay.
Baru lepas makan ayam nandos yang di tapau tadi. ghahaha
I have to get ready now, Im going out with my bf and friends.
Having fun on the sabtuday night! yeah.
Byebye, will update nanti :P

Friday, June 26, 2009

I am shocked

Michael Jackson. 1958-2009
(source ; UsMagazine.com)

I could not believe that you're gone Mikael
I cried when I read all the news about you.
I keep reading all the updates about you in the internet,
and 25th June was a sad day for me and my family.
Everyone is hoping that this news is not true.
But what can we do, Allah loves you more than we do.

You are great, You are the legenddddd.
Your music is fantastic, your video clips are cool, your dance skills are superb and unforgettable.
You are different from others.
May Allah bless you
Rest in peace .

With lots of love and Al-Fatihah

Wednesday, June 24, 2009



atau clik saja dekat dalam blog ni ada link ke "almaripenuh"

thanks :)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Class hey class

hari pertama ke class. class cancel.
so I went back home, with hope the next class pun takde.
takkan nak tunggu lama-lama kan. buang masa. sekarang dah la musim panas.
dah balik rumah, my friend called, ada class lak.
memang malas la, dah tu dah balik rumah. jauh lak nak pergi sana balik.

Hari ni hari kedua pulak.
Pagi tadi malas nak pergi. tidur lewat, nak bangun liat.
skip je lah hehe.
bila kita skip, ade je pulak class.
petang tadi ada class. so semangat la nak pergi, tak kan nak skip all the time kan.
pergi pergi, lecturer tak sampai2.
^^*#*@% betul lah.
dah la park jauh gila, panas plak tu, duit minyak lagi blablabla, dugaan.
bila kita semangat, tak ada plak class.

lagi satu bengang,
sebok je classmates india aku dok sound aku asal tak datang class.
sorang ni ok sikit, sorang lagi ni memang nak kena $*$@*
"kenapa u x datang? kene datang tau walaupun first class, lecturer pun cakap, kalau tiga kali tak datang, dia mengadu kat puan arfah"
like hello girl, aku tahu lah, aku pernah belajar college lain sebelum ni. sebok je kau ni.
tapi tak cakap lah depan dia, sabar je aku.
mind your own business dah la, sebok je.
tak suruh kau bayar pun fees aku.
(bukan tak boleh tegur, tapi tak payah nak sebok sangat boleh tak)

ni masalah bila tak dapat kawan satu kepala.
ada lah dua tiga orang yang boleh terima lagi.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Survey said?


-5 april my mums brthday
-19 dec my birthday
-9 may my bf's birthday
-26 nov, love anniversary!
(ofcourse my father and brothers birthday are important too!)

-hangout with bf
-parked my car in front of my house

- love and happiness

- arwah grandparents
- arwah datuk saudara and arwah his son (my uncle)
- arwah ayon ( friend)
- bila semua saudara mara complete gathering, sekarang tak dah

- my dream car from my dad
- a lots of money from my dad
- best condominium or a house from my dad
- anything from the bf

- eat eat yummy foods.
- hang out with friends and bf
- vacation with my family and bf

- LA
- New york
- Italy
- Bandung

- Coke
-Lime juice
- Teh o ais
- Pepsi

- Id Card
- Matrix Card
- Money (kalau tengah ada duit ahaha)
- Pictures and lots of reciept !


- gigs
- clubs
- pelita kedai mamak
- hartamas sq and AC

- family
- bf
- good friends
- cousins

- family and bf can count in x?

- I've been tag by Yana
- I need a new post haha
- I like surveys

- diane
- anyone
- nak buat.

Sunday, June 21, 2009


Today me and my bf went to Sunway Pyramid.
Hehe, saja jalan2 and sebenarnya motif nak pergi makan.
Jauhnya pergi makan.

Takpe sekali sekala la kan.
Dah lama tak jejak sunway tu ha.

We had our meals at Mr Teppanyaki. Yeay sedap.
After that round2.
Went to forever21, actually want to buy headbands.
But akhirnya I bought a ring and bracelet. HAHAHA well that is so me.
Tengok benda lain , beli benda lain.

My bf bought himself a grip tape for his skateboard, duhhh. haha ;p
Hm masa dalam kete otw balik , I still teringat headbands dan head scarft tu,
so I'm planning to get that on this coming saturday, yeay!
Hmmmmm. I can't control myself from buying things when I have money, wawawa.

Takpelah, as long as I'm happy, ah lantak lah kan ;p

p/s: Ada classssss esok pagi. hm!! :|


Happy fathers day to my abah.
Well, he is not around with us, he is in Miri.

Semoga panjang umur, itu yang penting! :)

Semoga rezeki sentiasa murah dan hidup bahagia.
We have our ups and downs dalam kehidupan ni, but ...
Hehe, with all that we have now, cukup dan sangat best.

Hoping that banyak lagi benda best yang akan datang :)
I love you,

Saturday, June 20, 2009


oh oh bukan lagu aku tak percaya cinta ok! =p

saya dapat B+ dalam satu subjek sem lepas, dah mmg satu subjek je, short sem kan!
memang tak percaya.
kalau dapat A lagi la tak percaya LOL

selama ni berpeluh peluh berdebar debar pucat lesu (over lak)
kalau teringat pasal exam subjek tu.
dah la malam pergi enjoy, pastu balik pukul berapa entah, lepas tu bangun terkial kial.
satu ape entah ingat ke tak time tu.
gila, dah la bilik exam sejuk, tangan beku
otak pun beku haha (alasan orang malas belajar)
nak tunggu cair, malas usaha, garam banyak sangat ke hahaha
banyak soalan tak jawab lak tu,
confident part objective je, amacam?
mungkin sebab markah assignment kot?
subjek susah plak tu, ada dua tiga minggu je nak hafal semua, banyak gila fakta

mmg dah tak teragak mmg dah konon confirm fail!
tapi tak plak, got B+
biar betul encik tajul, jangan main main. siap cakap tahniah lagi
haih, tolong lah jangan salah tengok result ke apa ok
sebab slip 2nd july baru release.
omaigod, please lah betul itu result nya.

tuhan maha pemurah.
terima kasih.


I want new bra
I want new clothes
I want more shoes
I want hair or scalp treatments.

Thats all for now
Hmm -_-

Cloth & Clef on Friday night!


Fine one day I can't sleep and keep thinking about money, I am officially broke at that time.

The next day, which is last Thursday, I woke up from my tidur tidur ayam, and went to college for sem registration.

I find out how much that I need to pay for the whole this current sem which I will start going to classes next week.

I'm happy, banyak lah duit lebih. So I can use the balance money.

The next day, which is Friday, yes, yesterday! I got my money. (suku daripada balance kot)

At night , which is last night! I spent about RM250 in the club!

Oh damn, road to hell. HAHA

Now, today, which is Saturday, I need to start focusing on my study and earn more and more money again, I'll update my blogshop, and sell my preloved items to friends!

They want to see the items, but I still have no time for that.
Hem, I have an idea, to drop the items/clothes at your door, you choose, and you pay! :)
(for friends only)

I'll find some time by next week!

And hello I'm sick of you, get your own life , use your own words , use your brain to think about your own idea, YOU COPYCAT.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Sentol in action.

Both of the above pictures , nomey in action.
Mengada gile. =P



Tuesday, June 16, 2009

most selected pictures

Aisheh hahahaa! enjoy the pictures. Do not download. hehe

My standard one and two school. :)

This one is funny,

Last day at E-Mart in Miri, misssss :(

Miri Airport. Tengah makan cookies!

Makan Asian Fried Rice on the plane.
p/s: Ive colored my hair red. but dalam gambar nampak purple!

Selamat dekat hometown ku. haha having fun so much fun
Sampai habis duit :(
Irhas and Zakwan in the picture.
Please behave my dear!!!


Here's my random update.
Hello peeps, Hai kawan kawan.
Today was my very very bored day
Ikut mum and abang aku hantar adik aku ke Kuala Kangsar.
Aku tidur je sepanjang perjalanan pergi dan balik.
Memang best sampai bengkak bengkak mata.

Bosan tak hari aku?
Bosan kan, thank you!

p/s : ilyana, mana ada orang pakai spec "tinted" tu orang gile.
Irhas pakai ape, sebab rabun plus silau okay.
Get that my dear?
Kalau kau pakai spec "guess" mak kau tu malam2.

Monday, June 15, 2009


Stands for Jangan Pandang Belakang Congkak.
Hahaha, I just watched that movie.
At Pavilion with my bf and adik, haha
Ok lah, I can give em 4 stars. Hahaha

I'm totally broke right now,
I must find my ways to earn more money la besides I get em from my parents.

Rasa macam nak makan Tomyam dekat Basil atau Bangkok Jam
Atau Steamboat dekat Ikea
Atauuuuuuu nasi daun pisang dekat mana2 lah, YUMMY!
errrrrrrrrrrr tapi tengah kering!
Help meeeeeeeeeee :P

Emmmm hari khamis ni pergi daftar sem kot.
Lepas tu ade event dengan SKUDAP SKUDIP
Jumaat pun, Sabtu punnnnn perhaps.
Aiyyyyh, hectic busy pack but must be fun!!! :)

Friday, June 12, 2009


Da dua malam balik baru nak kasi tau hahaha
Well, im happy and glad im back in my hometown and ready to having fun. hahaha

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Miri Day 4, 2 more days to go

went breakfast early morning at 8am
at lutong, miri.
Having mee sup :)
My mum and big brother ordered the mee kolok.
Famous in Sarawak ok.

Then went back home,
Sleep till 5 pm
Haha, balas dendam, :P

Woke up,
get ready for outing haha dinner!
with my dad, mum and the brothers.
Went to SAREE RESTAURANT, yummy nasi daun pisang.
Best in town! For now. :)

Then my parents went back home,
Me and brothers went to Boulevard Mall.
Played games at the arked.
Hahaha, played Basketballs. damn semangat la.
Finished and went to the FUNFAIR.
Habis duit aku.
Token mahal tok!

Enjoy the pics!

Nak pergi makan, hehe in the kereta sewa

My big brother having fun playing bumper car!

I don't know what the heck they called this, but love it.
Sakit badan, kepala pun terhantuk dengan minah sebelah tu
dannnnnng u!
p/s: ada mamat shuffle tengah2 tu tau, gila terer tak jatuh pun

This is scary at first. haha bila kat atas takut gile mcm nak tercampak
Lama lama okay, grrrr.
Just three of us, my big brother takmau naik, takut :P
what la!

Balik, balik. duit dah abis!

Camwhoring with my brother jap!

Haha, tired face

The youngest brother! !:P

Monday, June 8, 2009

day 3 in MIRI

Day 3, woke up early at 8 am.
Hee, takpe accompanied my mom to the "pejabat imegresen"
ada visa punya hal lah.

Then pergi E-MART.
Yeah E-Mart lagi siot.
Best best, walaupun barang tak banyak tapi puas hati bebeh.
I bought two bags! wow, again.
Ni bags shopping trip ke apa ?

After that rushed home, to picked up the brothers
on the way nak ke Bintang Mall,
my dad called, and ajak makan sama.
Dia lunch time.

So pergi Madli's Restaurant.
I tak makan sbb dah breakfast kat E-Mart,
So after that pergi lah Bintang Mall
Nak main bowling!
Puas main bowling dua games,
Kami jalan2.
And managed to buy something for mr bf.
I love it, can't wait to hand it to you!

Lepas tu nak cari taman buaya,
Tapi cam salah jalan,
Terus malas.
Esok lah,
Banyak lagi activities and missions ni,.

So pergi skateboarding melayan dua ekor adikku
Lepas tu bungkus Sugarbun dan balik.
Sugar bun lg. Ni pun tengah makan sugarbun lagi.

Anyway, I bought keychains for everyone.
Nanti beli benda best berebut la.
so cannot.
Ok thats all.
Nak makan ni.

Tagged by Miss D

1. Apa Perasaan Anda Sekarang?
Kejap happy, kejap marah, kejap okay.

2. Saya nak makan...
Sugarbun hahaha mentang2 kat Miri

3. Saya x suka...
cuaca panas. jerawat naik

4. Impian saya...
big house and BMW Mini Cooper S

5. Haiwan yang saya x suka...

6. Saya harapkan...
Kehidupan sempurna.. Murah rezeki

7. Jika boleh putarkan masa...
Balik la pada zaman kegemilangan haha

8. Saya pada 10 tahun akan datang?
Married with children, chey

9. Handphone saya adalah sebuah?
benda yang penting

10. Saya pernah bercinta sebanyak?
dua tiga kali je

11. Saya suka pada...
tempat yang boleh shopping dan suka la bleh shopping dan happy dan barang murah2

12. Kawan-kawan saya...
ada yang baik,ada yang busuk hati

13. Pernah dikhianati?
Banyak kali

14. Apakah yang anda hendak lakukan terhadap orang yg mengkhianati anda?
Kadang2 buat tatau, kdg2 sound balik, kadang2 rasa nak sepak tapi tak la haha'

15. Senaraikan 8 org utk di tagged:
Fatin Suhana,
Meera on the dot
Dan semua pembaca ! :)

Sunday, June 7, 2009


snap webcam picture
edit picture using picnick. My Second Picnick Picture! haha


Heading to Boulevard Mall

Lama tak makan kau,Sugarbun!

One of my lil brothers skateboarding picture, :P

Buruk me and my youngest brother

One of the kereta sewa

My fav picture haha, my parents yang bagi galakan ni

And this too, haha senang je direction

Kereta sewa juge

Miko-song instead of mi kosong jelah!
Creative la ni.


Here I am in Miri, Sarawak since last friday.
Oh, baru hari ke tiga :)
Missing my bf and cats so much. hehe.
Hope they'll be okay til I get back.

Thank god, got internet connection here.
Nevermind sometimes its very slow, but still I can communicate with you guys using this internet!
It quite boring here, but I managed to shop because some of the things here are cheap. Yeay.
Some of it mahal jugak, u know lah the magazines semua mahal, tak berbaloi lah nak beli, eventhough boring gila. hehe.

Yesterday I went to The Empirial Mall, I bought one sling bag, yeay bag again, lol.
I bought purse too, cheapppp maa, got discount haha
Went to Boulevard Mall too and bought long grey stocking hehe
Lagi satu Bintang Mall. damn keliru the names of the malls

Today I went to E-Mart, its like Pasar or Uptown la in KL. haha
I bought sling bag, yeah bag again!
I'm thinking to go there again, to look for handbag, yah again.

My b, I want to buy u something, but I dont know what to buy la,
I will buy anything jelah okay
Except for the fred perry, rare but expensive la syg
Forgot to tell u, sweater fred perry pun ada, damn lawa, but its 100++
No money, ;(
Hope u read this chey macam tak boleh ckp kat handphone je =P

Tomorrow my dad kerja, so me and my mum boleh lah pergi shopppping lagi :)
Lama lama pun takpe.

Tak sabar jugak nak balik.
Hari khamis baru balik. :(
Takpe, I still have many plans what to do the next next day until I fly back.
Funfair , Bowling with brothers, Basketballs in Arked with brothers jugak haha
Tengok dorang main skateboard pun boleh
Taman buaya, yeay
and more.
Tidur pun boleh huhuhu :)
Till next post .

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Pagi rabu Part 2

I miss school!
How I miss school? Dang rindu banyak ok.
Meh cerita pasal sekolah.


Tadika dekat Miri Sarawak. St Joseph.
Yang aku ingat sama sekolah dengan abang (tua setahun je) haha and sorang lagi kawan lelaki sejak kecil, same age with my brother. Shafiq nama dia.
Sekolah tu ada loceng besar gila. Setiap kali nak rehat balik apa semua dia bunyikan manually guna loceng besar gilaaaa. hahah ;)

Agama rakyat.
Belajar fardu ain apa semua.
Belajar bahasa arab, expert. sekarang dah tak ingat =p

Sekolah rendah.

SK Jalan Bintang, Miri.
Sekolah ni ramai murid mati kena langgar lori, kereta.
Scary kan? Depan sekolah jalan besar lak, mana tak nya.
Ada yang main2 kat tangga pecah kepala la.
Bestfriend nama Rachel. Kalau bulan puasa, suruh dia belikan air. Hahaha
Pastu balik rumah kena marah, abang kantoikan. Ala, baru darjah dua haha
Tak kawan baik dengan budak melayu pun, baik dengan bukan melayu. haha
Pakcik van pulak kan suka tinggalkan kitorang (me and my brother) dekat rumah dia.
Nanti bini dia balik, bini dia hantar.
Sebab rumah kitorang je yang tak satu kawasan dengan budak lain haha
Lepas tu sampai rumah lambat, mak marah pakcik van tu.

Mengaji malam.
Dekat rumah ustaz, tak ingat lah kawasan mana dekat Miri gak.
Yang ingat, aku khatam dulu sebelum abang haha
Dia asek mainnnn je, panjat meja semua. Nakal gila dia.

Sekolah Rantau Petronas, Kerteh Terengganu

Darjah 2 pindah Kerteh.
Haiyo banyak pindah2.
Rantau petronas sekolah swasta time tu.
Sekarang dah kerajaan dah.
Best gila sekolah tu, besarrrr gila.
Kawan kawan semua tak best, kawan makan kawan, dia ingat dia hot and so on hahah
Kalau jumpe balik sekarang, aku nak lempang please.
Ingat lagi ponteng kelas tambahan petang, pergi kelab rantau petronas ke apa nama dia(sebelah sekolah je)
Mandi pool hahaha lepas tu makan chicken chop, bill hantar rumah.
Best gile, makan bill hantar kat rumah. Rumah pun dalam kawasan tu.
Cume isi form je, nama bapak alamat rumah semua hihihi :)
Balik kantoi ngan mak, sebab sampai sekolah lambat, mak dah tunggu haha
Pastu rambut lak basah.
*%$())&%# kena cili dengan mak :(
hahaha mak suka main cili dulu, tak boleh blaaah.

SK Bukit Sekilau, Kuantan Pahang

Cit, tuka sekolah lagi.
Ni best, sekolah yang banyak benda best2 dalam hidup aku.
Aku jadi anak kesayangan cikgu ENGLISH.
Best gila, kalau satu kelas kena denda, aku tak kena.
Tiap-tiap hari sebut nama aku, semua jeles je satu kelas hahaha
Tu darjah empat.
Pastu darjah lima cikgu tu bersara =(
Aku jadi anak kesayangan cikgu kelas lak, Cikgu Shamsudin.
Baik baik. ;)
Aku masuk koir.
Best gila, cikgu muzik lelaki, dah lupa nama dia, haih.
Seronok, ada event je tempah baju.
Kawan-kawan pun semua baik time sekolah ni.
Kebanyakannya semua lost contact.
Petang2 kata kat mak ada aktiviti kat sekolah, padahalnya aku merayap kat bukit sekilau tu.
Stay back rumah kawan aku, mak dia masak sedap, aku suka stay back rumah dia,
Semua baiklah sekolah tu! :)

SKIM UTAMA, Kuantan.

Ni masa darjah enam.
Sekolah baru bukak, disebabkan belakang kawasan rumah aku je,
So aku pindah lah
Best gak sekolah ni, makanan dia agak sedap kot.
Cikgu baik gila, (ke sebab parents aku banyak sponsor duit) hahaha
Tapi takpe, cikgu baik gila suruh aku jadi DJ untuk Hari Guru
Sebok je budak lain nak ikut aku gak, kawan time kat sekolah ni macam siot je.
Time senang sebok je nak ikot, time susah buat taktau.
Pastu dalam bus pergi lawatan, cikgu duduk kat sebelah. Baik gila haih.
Sekolah ni banyak buat lawatan bestttt ah
Ada tu masuk hutan (konon),
Aku bagi alasan aku asma, so aku jalan berdekatan dengan kawan aku
Kalau tak kene jalan sorang2.
Yang tukang kacau, jadi hantunya, cikgu.
Macam lah tak kenal suara! cheh!

Masukla pulak ke alam menengah....

Pagi rabu

Baru je lepas baca satu entry dari blog seseorang yang saya selalu baca.
But just as a silent reader ;)

Tentang seorang budak lelaki yang telah kehilangan ibu dan bapa dia masa dia darjah dua,
two years ago.

Ibu dia meninggal dalam kemalangan dalam masa yang sama bapa dia menghidapi kanser.
Wah besarnya dugaan yang tuhan bagi pada budak berusia 8 tahun, anak tunggal pulak tu =(

Difahamkan budak tu tak ada kawan kat sekolah dan selalu buat perangai sampai budak budak lain panggil dia gila. Haih marah betul aku. Tapi apa nak buat, budak budak kan.

Cukup sensitif lah dengan cerita macam ni.
Sumpah menangis.
Dan terfikir kalau adik aku jadi macam tu sedih nya.
Semoga tak lah, aku pun taknak macam tu. Amin.

Ramai yang prihatin bila baca kisah anak kecil ni.
Apa kita boleh buat?
Yang penting cikgu cikgu sekolah kena cari jalan dulu kan?
Semoga dia akan sedar dan terus berusaha mengubah hidupnya dengan bimbingan lah,
sebab dia budak kecil lagi.

Jadi, hargailah ibu bapa, adik beradik yang masih ada ni.
Budak kecil tu lagi lah, anak tunggal =(
Hebatnya budi pekerti dan kasih sayang ibu bapa yang tak akan ada orang lain pun dapat tandingi.
Sama juga, antara siapa sahaja, hargai dan sayanglah mereka , layan lah mereka selagi nyawa dikandung badan, sebab semua orang akan hidup sekali je di dunia, tak akan bangun balik =(

Alfatihah kepada semua yang telah pergi dan masih dalam ingatan kita =)


Now I realized that without them,
I'm EMPTY. =(
Can't wait to be with them this weekend =)


Monday, June 1, 2009


Selamat Hari Cuti Gawai

I woke up at 1pm today
Memang takkkk bangun pagi :|

Terus mandi and bersiap.
Pergi jamming studio berhampiran rumah
Skudap skudip ada shooting untuk slot tv RTM
So proud of em hehe

Selepas tu, balik rumah jap buat kerja sikit.
Settle dan terus ke Mcd untuk makan,
Lepas makan, pergi pyramid
tengok wayang. Night at the museum 2.
Best best.

Went to Topshop, wanted to buy anything yang on sale
haha, but malas nak pergi ATM
so jimat la duit ;()
After that ada lagi satu kedai unbranded tengah jual baju murah2.
Ada sweater yang cam nak jeeee
But yes again, ATM jauh :(
So tak beli pape
Jimat duit, kawal nafsu.

Apa yang penting rite now is
Perutku sudah kenyang
Kenyang perut suka hati =O

Rasa excited lak nak pergi MIRI. =)

And sorry guys no pic today
Too lazy to hold the camera hahaha