Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Just some random updates.

- This few days ni, selalu bersin-bersin dan mata selalu gatal. (nak jadi mcm dulu balik)

- I have my second paper tomorrow. Its IT paper. Then, 2 papers to go by next week.

- Holy holiday come to me. I want to sleep all day haha not good for health. yup I know, gotta find some activities. Such, jogging? MAYBE. gonna ask mr bf. Movie? Spend money again??! Yeah, let see kalau-kalau ada duit masa cuti tu. LOL.

- Hish, I have spent a lot of moneyyyy this few weeks. Jimat la dey, duit dah semakin sikit dalam bank! Lets find something to earn side income. I'm gonna sell my clothes and bags which I don't want to use it anymore. Izwin, wait I'll send it to your house, sell it to UITM STUDENTS. hehehe.

- Haaaa. I can start my online business with Diane and Saila. As we already planned.
Kita tengok nanti ya ? Not pre-loved items la, new items la ok?

- Happy for mr bf , he bought a more canggih handphone than the one he used before with his own work moneyyyy.

- I'll help my bf to work on and built up his career as an actor. Siapa yang banyak pengalaman, I really need your help. Not to use your name,but really need your help. hehehe

- Nak potong kuku, but not now not tonight because I have other things to do. Might be tomorrow. I wanna put brown nail polish on my nails. so cute LOL

- I want to attend more events. I want to use and wear all my clothes lah, beli tak pakai. wth. Dah la Malaysia ni nak bergaya over tak sesuai. Kalau ada event ok la jugak. hehe

- eh guys, follow me on twitter lah dey.
Search je lah my full name :) I don't bite, I'm nice.

Till next post


SEMALAM. yesterday me and mr bf went to Bukit Bintang. Jalan-jalan and mr bf did his minor shopping. kekekke ;)

HARI INI. today. I settled one of my final paper. 3 more to go.
Then I can have my holiday. Might be boring holiday? We'll see. byebye

Monday, September 28, 2009

And evening with a friend

Went out to S.Pyramid with Izwin Sapeah (bukan nama sebenar)
Wanted to pick her alter shirt at first. I repeat AT FIRST
But ended up, shopping like there's no tomorrow.
Miss shopaholic blames Izwin for this! HAHAHAHA

I shop a lot this week and I promise to myself I'll stop shopping for a month
or just wait for the next mega sale which is on December 0_o

Finally , I ate chicken rice at the chicken rice shop. (which I craved for it last few days)

Somehow, I didn't managed to cut my hair! I'm still surveying which saloon I wanna go LOL banyak songeh pulak

I love my union jack mini dress. I bought it on the net
I love my studded cotton cardi. Its not worth it if I buy it from the net + shipping blablabla.

I love my new flat shoes.
I love my new leggings! This is the biggest love for now. wheeho.

Eye-ing one bag in Jusco just now, but suddenly terbayangkan muka my Irhas, terus tak jadi.

By the way, get well soon my dear. I miss you so much bbb. get well soon get well soon get well soon.

And here are the pictures.
Gedik pictures I must say! Daa.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Final Exam Reminder

Best of luck.
I have to start dah my revision on subjects.
4 papers only, yippeeee after that I'm freeee for a month. Thanks.
But menganga la, what to do for a month? I have a boring life!

Malaysian Studies on 30Sept2009 - Wednesday. 2.30pm til 5.30pm

Introduction to IT on 1stOctober2009 - Thursday. 2.30pm til 5.30pm

Introduction to Accounting on 5Oct2009 - Monday. 9am til 12pm

Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism Industry 6Oct2009 - Tuesday. 9am til 12pm.


Saturday, September 26, 2009

Tak dapat dinafikan lagi

I am EXTREMELY a shopaholic girl.
I love to shop, don't care anywhere. Even in Giant Supermarket and Reject shop?
Yeahhhh I like . Thats me

This is my latest purchased. =_=

My not-so-open house

My sweethearts
Thanks for helping bbb

My girlfriendsssss!


With sodd and adi

The boys haha

Me and Djambul

Me and D

I mean, kecil-kecilan je hehe
Thanks for coming, friends

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Empty has a friend

My empty =_= space has a friend.
Will update more.
Its all about my room LOL

***********************updated**********************************updated*****Say hi to this cutie :)


Quite meriah.
Look at my faces,
judge me. happy or unhappy?

Selamat hari raya everyone

As the time come by

I will stop doing what I'm doing right now
I will stop feeling what I feel right now
Then you'll start to learn how to appreciate.

Please talk to me nicely , please.
Still have time to learn.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Happy Eid!

hello readers.
Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri.
Maaf zahir dan batin :)

Just got back from kampung on monday.
very very tired.
I have a lotsa things to done by this weekend?
lotsa things to do la I must say ;p

Unpack my things
Clean up my room
Plenty of house works heeee.
I'm having my friends for makan raya on this coming friday!
See you, all my close/best friends and friends are invited.
Just come as if you're free lah :)

will update about my raya at kampung thingy when I have free time!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

PROMISE ! this is my last post for today

Hihi, excited I'm going back to Bagan Datoh (kampung) in few hours lagi.
and I tak tidur lagi, sibuk banyak kerja, dan melayan my mr. *yang tengah tidur kat rumah I skang ni, kat bawah*

Sebab my mum suruh, nanti senang nak jaga rumah.
Im so gonna miss him. Love youuuuuu b, take care tau be good. jangan notty , jin notty pun tak boleh hahaha

Selamat hari raya everyone.
Maaf zahir batin.
To my family, bf, gfs, friends, readers! :)
See you again.
5 hari kot I akan berada di kampung. Lama jugak :(

Packing photos. haha ye ye jer.
Tak habis packing lagi, nak tidur dulu.

Love, I'm gonna miss you.
Selamat hari raya.
Tak sabar jumpa hari raya ketiga ok!
Where ever you go, please drive safely! :)
Remember me always as I do remember you every seconds.
I'm sorry if I done anything wrong.
People make a lot of mistakes.
But deeply inside my heart , you are the one who I always love.
Happy lebaran.

Missing my gfs too.
Sai, Iwin, Aten, Farra, Diane, Saila and all :)
Nana, you're not in the list, because I'm going to pinjam ur toilet in bagan datoh! hahaha


Dah lama nak buat activity ni, jalan-jalan di ibu kota. haha sebab da lama tak ada masa nak berjalan-jalan dengan si dia. Akhirnya, my last day in shah alam before heading to kg in few hours ni, dapat jugak spent my whole day with him. *sob*

Me and Mr Irhas went to Sg Wang and Lowyat.
Irhas wanted to find his new decks and blablabla. *skateboard*
After melayan-ed him, melayan-ed I plak. erk.
Dapat berbuka dekat Teppanyaki Restaurant. Yummy! Definitely will go there again! :)

Dapatla jugak beli barang-barang yang I nak,
Cuma tak sempat gunting rambut ;}
Sokay, nak gunting rambut kat kampung la. haha

Medicated shampoo that cost me RM16. quite expansive la jugak kan
Tapi kena jugak lah, sebab I ada masalah dandruff. ergh

Barang-barang lappy. so loving it. Bag dia comel, and I bought two mouses.
Tamak tak?
Sebab rambang mata. Murah.

Kasut raya again? Introduce u my new baby.
I love it!!! :)
Thank god, sebab I rasa Topshop pun tengah tak ada menarik.
Apatah lagi forever21. *ayat skema*

Right after berbuka tu my mr dah tak sabar nak try skateboard baru.
Pergi la skatepark melayan dia.
I tido je memanjang, Sorry. Exhausted lah. *haha he called me gedik when I use word "exhausted"

Happy happy happy mood.
Thanks love.

Finally I got an empty space in my room

My room setelah dikemas oleh housekeeper, selepas insiden banjir dari bumbung haha

Masih berfikir macam mana nak organize barang-barang ini

Habis katil leather I, lama-kelamaan asik kena air je, kedut lah dia

Empty space empty space.
I nak meja kecil for my lappy and printer.
(macam bilik sai)
Cute. haha.
And I need more drawers/compartments
After raya hopefully

Monday, September 14, 2009

Samseng-samseng Melayu di kalangan budak sekolah?

Apakah itu?
Haha saja nak cerita, budak-budak sekolah sekarang ramai nak jadi samseng.
Tak macam zaman aku dulu, kalau nakal pun pasal curi duit, buli budak-budak(taklah over), ponteng sekolah tu biasa, panjat pagar sekolah , main kejar kejar dengan ustazah dah terer dah dulu.

Sekarang ni dah banyak beza. Mereka ni dah tak dikira nakal dah, dah overnakal tau, samseng samseng (lagu ahli fikir haha)

Bukan takat mencuri lagi, maksud aku samseng, pukul orang, kadang-kadang tu bunuh. kadang-kadang pukul sampai terbunuh, pasal apa? pasal terlanggar bahu daaa time on the way nak pergi kantin, pasal tengah jalan-jalan pusing tawaf sekolah ada budak daring pandang bagi padangan serong sipi dan sebagainya hehe, lepas tu senang je "siap kau nanti! aku bawak geng"

Kelakar memang kelakar. Tapi menakutkan. Ada ke budak sekolah dah bantai budak yang teruk-teruk sampai boleh mati punya, tak bagi chance langsung, pukul ramai-ramai dari budak yang dipukul tu tahan dengan tangan sampai budak tu tak bernyawa. Kejam nya?
Kejam. Sangat kejam. Ada ke pelajar sekolah yang berusia belasan tahun, bulu baru nak tumbuh sampai hati memukul atau membunuh atau merogol orang lain? Ish.

Ada jugak yang, ni geng lain. Tu geng lain. Telah memesongkan otak mereka bahawa geng ini tak boleh kawan dengan geng itu. Banyak sangat terjadi sekarang ni terutamanya dalam kaum melayu sendiri. Kaum yang banyaknya hak dalam negara kita (sehingga terlebih hak) , kaum yang diberi keutamaan, kaum yang beragama Islam , agama rasmi negara kita, kaum yang akan sendiri mempertahankan negara ini.

Melayu dengan melayu bergaduh, macam mana nak maju, macam mana nak melawan musuh negara jika kita di dalamnya sendiri tak berdiri teguh tak berganding bahu. Bak kata pepatah, bersatu kita teguh , bercerai kita roboh. Belajar je pepatah dekat sekolah, tapi tak tahu apa gunanya, sebab apa sebab pergi sekolah nak tunjuk hidung tinggi macam Zizan. Eh tak tak heheh betul nak tunjuk gangster.

Macam mana orang melayu boleh tindas orang melayu? sedangkan kaum lain berlumba-lumba menolong kaum mereka dari segala segi, terutama ekonomi dan macam-macam lah.

Macam mana melayu boleh bunuh melayu?
Tak lama, luputlah melayu di bumi kita.

Bukan tak boleh kita buat group sendiri, persatuan sendiri, familygroup sendiri, komuniti, gang dan sebagainya. Tapi cari apa tujuannya? Untuk tolong siapa? Apa benda yang ditolong? Apa misi apa visi?

Ini pulak ada yang buat grouping grouping sebab nak berlawan-lawan sesama sendiri. Sesama siapa? Kebanyakkannya sesama melayu.

Banyak yang salah gunakan, terutamanya budak sekolah lah.
Buat/sertai sesuatu untuk tujuan bergaduh, cari back up diri, cari aktiviti menarik seperti bunuh orang?
Tak. Banyak lagi.
Kenapa tak buat atau sertai group untuk meningkat ekonomi ke macam buat business ke.
Buat apa-apa yang mendatangkan untung.
Ini, untung pun tak ada, tali gantung ada!

Nak sangat ikut Yakuza ke apa ke, dorang lain.
Dorang bunuh orang jugak, dorang bergaduh jugak.
Tapi dorang pandai business.
Dorang buat duit, macam-macam benda dorang buat.
Even dorang baca buku. Baca buku tentang "kesalahan dan hukuman"
Buku undang-undang yang dorang baca,
Kenapa? Jawab mereka, apa yang kita nak buat, apa kesalahan yang kita nak buat, kita tengok dulu apa hukuman dia, setimpal atau tak, berapa tahun penjara, berbaloi ke tak.

Bukan macam kita.
Ikut je lebih, habuk pun tarak.
Berlagak je, jalan mendongak badan tak besar mana.
Ada ke yang berani nak katok kepala siapa-siapa yang kacau kaum kita? kacau negara kita?
Cakap je lebih, hati basah, cerita sampai amerika boleh dengar, tindakan tak ada. plan tak ada.
Mulut je berbuih-buih terpancut air liur, bila depan kecut.
Sama-sama kaum bukan main lagi, cuit bahu pun tak boleh.
Hati tak cukup kering la!
Pikir-pikirkanlah kepada kebanyakkannya yang salah gunakan kuasa/kepentingan dan sebagainya terutama sekali yang masih belajar disekolah. misai tak tumbuh lagi dik. tak garang la muka tu!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Am crazy lazy bum , not going to class today. My last classes today actually. Who care?

Going to finish my assignment by this evening or by tonight and pass up tomorow.

Am now very lazy to go to class especially this very last weekend before raya. ( this weekend pun raya kan?) haha

I need a new mouse!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The one am using now is fckng irritating ya know

Start packing my stuffs already, getting ready to a trip balik kg this thursday.

My dad will be back home today from Kota Kinabalu

I got B- for my IT midterm exam, shocked!!! haha I must work hard more to get A.

Lazy going to classes and some subjects I didn't do the last quizzes so what I'm going to do is, focus on final exam! Try to score the paper, for atleast I'll try not to FAIL, because I don't want to repeat. God will help me. Ameen.

I like Mr Tajul to be my mentor , I hate this new mentor. Perempuan lak tu. I prefer Mr Tajul. Garang-garang but still cool.

I miss school days, demmit!

Hoping that next semester, I'm gonna be good than this semester. Just learn to be better

I bought new shocking pink kebaya, again?! Please stop, shakira!

Already sent my handphone to get fix yesterday. I don't think they will done fixing before Thursday. Am going back to kg lah sudah, leceh la susah orang nak contact. (perasan businesswoman)

Paid my celcom bill last night! And now my bill balance is RM30. Pffft for last month ok!

I'm going to call my classmate right after the class finish. I need information about final and payment and slip and timetable. (dah la malas pergi class)

Whatever lah, bye!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Recent Updates on Sunday noon

- I slept at 7 in the morning and woke up at 12 noon. early pulak

- I am still craving for chocolate cake :( and nandos

- Still addicted to online games. I tried all games and continue searching and browsing
for new games

- A bit excited to balik kg this coming thursday most probably. because I know I'll have friend
there, hehe u know who u are girl. can't wait :p and my cousins too.

- I'm shocked and gedik because Syed Adney malaysia's football goalkeeper requested as my
follower on twitter haha, and now he is. Ok dah dah gedik, or else Saleha will kill me. I met
him once on JSE's birthday last few months. Seems like he still remember me? Hish gedik.

- Must lepak at the skatepark and go for sahur and tehrik before thursday! Contact me girls.

- Find out one more game similar to Luxor and Zuma, its called Sparkle. haha I love Luxor

- I met Elyana, AC Mizal, Liyana Jasmay, Bunkface (lol), Imran Ajmain, Emylia Rosnaida,
Jayjay on this year ramadhan but I have no picture with them lololol hahaha

- One of my cat called Nome, is baring-baring beside me right now, and mengada-ngada
and laid his head on my pillow!

- I haven't finish my assignment yet. Thinking to submit it tomorrow, so I don't have to go
college again on tuesday 0_o takpe sikit je!

- Right now I'm bored doing nothing. update blog and facebook-ing , almost all of the games
on AOLgames I've tried already. . . mmmammmamiaaaaaaaaaa!


Sleep til 4.
Woke up and got ready for berbuka puasa.
Hehe not at home, me and mummy went out for bebuka since my brothers semua pun tak ada.
Wanted to bedal nandos but full house sudah. dang upset!
Siapa suruh tak reserve awal kan. Hm.
So ended up makan dekat nachos nachos.
Quite nice lah the foods.

Oh ya, before berbuka me and mum tengok Jayjay performed.
Nice live performance! seriously.
And after his show semua orang berebut beli his new album. hebat kan?

Then after berbuka pulak, tengok Imran Ajmain.
Wowe very nice performance gak, especially lagu SERIBU TAHUN
Feel habis.

haha after spent our time dekat Sacc Mall tu
We went to Shah Alam mall pulak.
Takde kerja kan?
Dengan alasan nak repair handphone.
Sebenarnya nak tengok org nyanyi hahaha
Nak tengok Liyana Jasmay nyanyi live!
Tapi tak sempat.
Masa sampai tu we saw Liyana Jasmay at her mum's car.
Then dia masuk mall, thought dia nak nyanyi
Rupenya dah nyanyi arrgh I wanna hear her voice liveeeee

Anyway masuk dalam tengok-tengok Bunkface tengah rancak
I don't even know bunkface gonna be there
So layan je la.
Tak sempat pun pergi tegur, sempat melambai manager diorang je si peah.
Itupun sebab peah lambai.
Peah manager ke sekarang? I dengar cite la.
Hahaha I dont know why kenapa aku ni susah sangat nak tegor orang,
Satu gambar pun tak ambil.
I macam tak nak over excited. hahaha
tengok minah minah gedik2 pegang handphone sebab nak tunjuk gambar diorang dengan bunkface. hahahaa
kelakar lah, tapi takpe la peminat an? hahahaa

Picture of the day, nothing to do with this post right?

Tagged by Yana Banana

1. Nama timangan anda::
Bf calling me sayang. Friends calling me Eyra, teacher called me Shakira masa sekolah dulu

2. Anda seorang yang
Shopaholic I must say
Pendiam when I don't know people around me
Kecoh gila when I am with my close friends
My heart is fragile but I am forgiveness
Still, I can forgive you, doesn't mean I can forget what u did
I am a lazy bum
Banyak bersabar

3. Lagu feveret::
Ummi - Haddad Alwi
Everything I do, I'll do it for you - Bryan Adams
Me gal - Purevibracion
The Chariot - The cat empire
All my life - KC & Jojo
I'll be there - Jackson 5
Sacrifice - Elton John
Heaven - Bryan Adams
My endless love - Diana Ross & Lionel Richie
Love theme from the godfather - All versions
Tears in heaven - Eric Clapton
Whatever you like - TI
Hotel California - Eagles
Parachute - Sean Lennon
You are not alone - MJ
I want to spend my life time loving you - Tina Arena & Marc Anthony
Love is gone - David Guetta
The Scientist - Coldplay
Stairway to heaven - Led Zeppelin
Dead and Gone - TI & JT
I don't want you back - Eamon

Hahaha take that

4. Makanan kegemaran::
I love Western/Italian Foods

5. I don't understand number 5!

6. Warna kesukaan
Pastel colors

7. Benda yang mesti ada dalam beg::
Basic make up ( compact powder. eyeliner)

8. Kali terakhir anda menangis
Last? I can't recall. Tapi rasa nak menangis, tadi!

9. Sikap yang buat anda strezz::
Selfish! kalau "sellfish" takpe, kaya jugak jual ikan
Anggap aku ni tak important while the truth I am much important for him/her
When they let go any words from their mouth they didn't think about the feelings of the person which they let their words go to! hahaha understand

F$#^&;*k ya, I need time!

10.Tag 6 rakan anda::
Diyana penang

Friday, September 11, 2009


beloved friends,
I am using my celcom number right now since my second phone was in stupidooo condition. hohoho.
Both numbers are important for me, friends are who always contact me via maxis number and boyfriend is easier to contact me via celcom.

So pening kepala
I'll go to fix the phone tomorrow hopefully
YM, EMAIL, FB, MS me for my celcom number. (friends only)

This is definitely not cool anymore :(


1. Anda rasa anda hot??
So not. Lets people judge

2. Upload gambar kesayangan anda...

3. Kenapa anda suka gambar ini?
Sebab tengah tengok2 gambar dkat lifeframe, suddenly jumpe gambar ni, taken a month ago kot. (ada kena mengena ke dengan soalan?)

4. Bila kali terakhir anda makan pizza?
Alaa. lupe

5. Lagu terakhir anda dengar?
Damai. my brother pasang kuat2

6. Apakah yang anda buat sambil selesaikan tag ini?
Pegang-pegang muka yang berjerawat ni. opss!

7. Selain dari nama anda sendiri, anda suka dipanggil apa?
La. I love my name why should I nak tuka-tuka nama. Selesa with eyra and shakira :)

8. Tagged lagi 6 org tanpa rasa kekesalan...
-Diyana penang

9. Siapa No. 1 kepada anda?
Bestfriend :)

10. Bagaimana pula dengan yg no. 3?
Selalu jumpa dekat gig

11. Pendapat anda pada no. 4?
Awek kepada jinjunk. I didn't know what to say about her. Just okay :)

12. Kata sesuatu tentang org no. 2?
Old friend. lama tak jumpa.

13. Pendapat pasal minah no. 5?
Number 5 is not minah. haha

14. Pendapat pasal org no. 6?
Pernah jumpa di gig and she is one of my blogshop customer :)

Prevent H1N1 with style!

I GOT TWO CUTE MASKS , I GOT TWO CUTE MASKS. (sambil buat suara gedik)

Purple mask! :) ada banyak lagi color lain

Ni color purple jugak, ada corak-corak bunga kecil-kecil.
So cute and style.

currently happy :P
It is not a crime to prevent H1N1 with style

Bad start ended just fine

This is a story about my friday! Haha
Malam khamis my friend different course which memang I baik gila dengan dia, memang sama-sama gila, called me and asked me about the pre-registration. Thanks gila dia called. Kalau tak? Mampos eden nak menjawab.

Sumpah bengang with my classmates.
But its okay, not important at all whats my feeling on you guys pun kan.

So pagi jumaat pagi tadi lah, I sms my mentor. (lecturer yang jaga prestasi kita la, kebajikan tak jaga pun) haha. She called me back and yelled at me. wtf.
Membebel-bebel pagi-pagi buta , dah la aku tak tidur dari sahur, kang aku tengking balik siap.
Dia mcm tinggi kan suara la.
Saying that, tempoh pre-registration for our course dah habis. Takda kawan bgtau ke? blablabla.
Kenapa tak pergi semalam ni itu ini itu.
Senang je aku jawab, "demam"
Dia kata ada surat mc ke, I said takde, but surat formal can lah.
Dia kata go and see Dr Razali at the office, list name sume ada dekat dia.
Taktahu la still boleh buat lagi atau tak.
Kalau tak kena bayar rm50 penalty.

I pun kul 8 lebih tu kelam kabut la print out formal letter. bagi alasan haha
Then, terus gerak. takut lah si Dr Razali tu takde.
Memang cuak gila, dalam otak "melayanglahhhh duit aku hari ni"

Dah sampai, terus pergi office.
Sebaik dia ada.
biasalah lecturer tua dah, but still ada jugak yang garang kan.
tapi ni sumpah baik gila, siap explain macam-macam.
sumpah mentor aku kecoh gila, nak mintak sepak pls!
mampos kau ah, aku lagi suka mr tajul.
ni mentor baru, perempuan. bullshaittttt gile.
atleast mr tajul dulu, apa-apa I x buat , he will call me and membebel-bebel suruh buat cepat.
much better lah kan?

Hish, done with that. pfffft. I pun dah ambil copy add/drop form. sebaik ada.
Rupenya ramai lagi tak ambil.
Bertimbun gila.
Lepas tu rasa nak balik sebab mengantuk gila.
Tapi cam I called my classmate, dia kata jom la g class sama, dia dah smpai college.
So pergi jugak lah. whee.

Lecturer malaysian studies sedar I first time in her class. wakaka selamber!
Habis class I buat quiz yang tertinggal.
Baik gile lecturer baru ni sumpah.
Then I suruh dia bagi tajuk, kesian gila I takde group presentation and assignment.
Dia bagi la tajuk "orang asli".
And she asked me awak buat sorang ke?
Takpayah buat banyak-banyak sangat.
Pffft thank youuu missss!

Kene present esok pagi, tapi my friend pun taknak pergi.
Miss tu kata kat I datang esok bawak assignment skali.
I angguk-angguk geleng-geleng je.
Tapi taknak datang pun haha.
I don't think so I can finish it by tonite.
Now pun I tengah duduk relax!
So on tuesday kot hantar. atau monday ke. yipppie. thats all.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


- am now addicted to online games so bad. I love it till I forgot to catch my sleep. haha

- got morning class tomorrow 10am. much lazy but have to, might be the last class for Malaysian Studies before Raya Holiday and final exam.

-Liar! haha one of my lecturer said last wednesday was her last class with us, but sudden my friend text me , next week still got class for certain subjects. Bull($#. Please la, bother our 10 last days before raya, students who stay far from here, nak jugak balik kampung awal kan? saat saat akhir kemeriahan nak menjelang raya. * I pun nak cuti cepat, sebok je kan. haha*

- Kinda pissed off with my coll friends , they didn't tell me or remind me anything about pre-registration! thank god, one of my friend different course called me just now, and asked me about it, kalau tak, I don't even now anything. and thank god again, tomorrow is the last day for pre-register, so still have time, or else I'll have to pay RM50 for penalty!

-Need to settle up two things in college. First is, drop by at dean's office to take my add/drop form copy. I have to keep that. *memintak ada lagi, dah lama kot!*
Then, I must go to account department lah, I wanna ask about fees and examination slip. pfffft!

-I want to "berbuka" with bf and friends on saturday! don't care! please. Nak raya dah tau

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Sorry to those who read my previous post.
I was so mad at that time.
I know I shouldn't talked that way, but I hope u guys understand.
What I said/wrote/type last night were came from my little heart with anger and disappointment.
Thats all.

Right after I posted the entry, I went out with mr bf to the skatepark.
Just watched him play and layan game on the phone while waiting for two miss world Juliana and Farrah to arrived there.
Then we go gossip session at kedai makan section 13. haha
Back to the skatepark , lepak again.
Lepas tu, went to kedai mamak pulak at sec9.
For TEHRIK. I mean, Teh Tarik. hahah sorry farrah.
Done, and went home.

Irhas, Juliana, Farrah , you guys made my day. Thanks! ;-)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


You are not the boss, you work for them, they pay you!
You can control and advice them, but you shouldn't or the right word is you CAN'T talk to them in a "rude" way!
Thats really annoys me biatccccch!

Even I didn't get paid doing things for them. Think.

Monday, September 7, 2009


Uptown girl?

Just got back from Uptown Shah Alam. Went there with le parents and lil brother.
Hehe guess what? I bought wedgie flip flop.
Bentuk wedgie dia kinda lawa.
Thinking twice this time hahaa
Happy happy! :)

Very fast update 0_o

- bilik banjir dua tiga hari lepas, membuatkan aku tidur dekat hall atas ni.

-bilik berbau kepam macam tu lah, just wait for the housekeeper to come.

-balas dendam day today, since I got lack of sleep yesterday and the day before yesterday haha
so today I sleep until evening dengan tak mandi nya.

-dah mandi dah now :P because I'm going out with le parents and lil brother. We're going to
Uptown Shah Alam, tengok apa ada, dan sahur sekali kot?

-is going to upload lagu raya to the phone. haha now is the right time kan?!

-I want my topshop shoes. anyone will bring me there? If not, I'll be going by myself.

-Money can't buy love!

-is missing to spend time with someone badly! You don't know how I feel because you keep thinking about yourself without learning others feeling

-I love to joke around but if u can't stand me, obviously u really don't know me. There's a lot of things you must learn.

-I'll keep learning about life!


How do you know the last male you texted?
My lil brother lah!

We're you single on your last birthday?

What was the last movie you watched?
Skrip 7707

Do you have a reason to smile right now?

Would you go back in time if you were given the chance?
Of course!

Do you talk a lot?

Would you marry for money?
Yes hahaha

Are you happy with life at the moment?
Hm okay je

Do you think you're wasting your time on the person you like?
Hmmm. Hopefully no

Have you ever met someone who is amazing?

It's 4 in the morning, your phone rings, who is it?
My bf or friends maybe?

You're locked in a room with the person you last kissed, any problems?
No la. haha

Are your nails painted?
Nope, bulan puasa!

Have you ever hugged a complete stranger?

Does seeing couples in love make you mad?
Erk, no

Have you ever felt like you literally needed someone?

Last song played more than three times?

Last person to fall asleep with?
My mum

Last hugged ?

Last time you were really happy?
A few weeks ago

Does someone love you?

When's the next time you will kiss somebody?
Mana aku tahu

Do you want any tattoos?
Yup. But I can't

Did your last kiss take place on a bed?

Do you wish that you were somewhere else right now?

Have you ever slept in a car?
Ya lah always

Did you go out or stay in last night?
Go sahur

Have you ever fallen asleep texting someone?

Today, would you rather go forward a week or back a week?
Forward please, raya terus

Are you closer with your siblings or cousins?

Next event you'll wear a dress to?
Donno yet!

Any drama in your life?

When was the last time you had a real smile on your face?
Tak ingat

What are your plans for Sunday?
This coming sunday ? tak tahu la

If you were kicked out of your current residence, who would you call?
My bf

Are you a shy person?
Kind of . kadang2. depends

Do you trust anyone right now?
My mum

Is there anybody you're really disappointed in?

Has anyone upset you in the last week?

Is there anyone you can't stop thinking about?

What were you doing an hour ago?

How is life?
Up and down. But everything is okay :)

Sunday, September 6, 2009

HEELS-LO everyone!

Went shopping again with parents.
I bought two pairs of heels for raya! Whoope!
Didn't managed to buy my Topshop's shoes sebab tak sempat nak singgah tadi :\
So will find some time to go get the shoes hehehe

Jusco still on big sale, so I kaut je la dua pasang. So me! very comfortable kan, no need to think twice so just grab it.

Well then, pergi Jusco Bukit Raja lak, my mum nak cari langsir.
Sebab our curtains dah koyak-koyak ok! Semua kucing buat.
Lepas tu while my mum tengah nak cari kasut dia, I terpandang one of the bag kat situ.
Chain Bag. Red color! Omaigod.
Small size, very cute la to put on the list of my chain bags collection. hahaha

Nakk beli sangat, my mum cam tak payah la. Tapi dia tau I nak sangat.
So, dia kata pikir lah nak amik ke tak.
I cam nak amik, tapi my dad kata dah banyak bag.
Pikir punya pikir , my dad suddenly datang dari belakang!
Dammit , sudah terlambat!!!!
Tak beli laaaaaaaaaaaaa. I pun merajuk hahaha *so gedik*

Tapi dapat la lagi satu baju raya! HAHAHAHA dapat gak pau my dad lagi
Kebaya lak kali ni. woweee raya sakan!

Its on sale baby, murah pulak and comfortable sumpah!

The black one, which I want to match with my black baju kurung and handbag

Purple very cute! to match with my purple baju kurung and gray handbag!

Hm anyway, tak rasa lagi kemeriahan ramadhan dan nak raya sebab ;
Tak berbuka lagi dengan kawan-kawan even dengan mr bf pun belum!
Tak pergi sahur lagi kat luar dengan bf and friends.
Kebanyakkannya, duduk rumah , keluar with parents.
Happy but sad * you know what I mean kan*

"Ku mengharapkan ramadhan kali ini, penuh makna"
Will I?

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Gedik Post

Well no picture for this post

I got another new baju kurung , yeay! Thanks to ABAH.

Tadi ada sesi try menery baju raya with mom and lil brother.
Semua nak dok menayang dekat abah. hahha

Yippie, my dad terpaksa admit , my handbag lagi lawa dari my mum punya yang dia beli dekat Batam. Hahaha *sambil abah membulat-bulatkan mata, mengakui lawa bag anak pompuan aku* hahaha dah dah done with that!

I am super tired, first day puasa kan then jalan-jalan je, nak tercabut kaki. This is not funny anymore. Nak baringgggg je!

My lil brother got his new handphone. My dad pun sampai-sampai Shah Alam je terus beli dua handphones, dua-dua nak best je. Boo. While I still bersyukur dengan E71 tiada bandingan, HAHAHA. *tunjuk jugak kat abah, second phone beli canggih sikit than the one yang I pakai sekarang hahaha tapi nanti-nanti pun takpe* hihi

My abang telah menumbuk pintu bilik nya , remuk siot. Kuat la tu? For some reason that I should not state it here. hahaha

I will going back to kampung halaman maybe 2 days before Raya.
Definitely will meet Juliana there ok! Satu kampung hahaha
Ronggeng naik motor katanya, scary gile I dengar. hahaha Pekan Bagan here we come!

Hmmm. What else eh? Tu je kot. Nanti update lagi! bye

Friday, September 4, 2009

Saturday Half day!

Yessss, I've settled my IT LAB final exam just now. Hentam je, terus send thru email.
Lepas tu sepatutnya ada program dengan anak yatim (macam artis tak?) haha tapi I skipped! Coz I didnt know anything, tak pakai baju formal pun. Sebaik ada jugak yang sekepala. So, we jalan ikut jalan belakang. Terlepas dari di tahan! hahahahah

Hmmmm. now nak keluar pulak dengan my parents.
Hari ni first day puasa, sumpah nak pengsan.
Padahal sahur apa-apa.
I risau, my stomach macam tak sedap dua tiga hari ni.
So memang rasa nak pengsan.
And plus, baru perasan tak tidur langsung dari malam. Ingat tak tidur lepas sahur je. Bila pikir balik, oh dari malam sebab buat mindmaps. dah hantar dah pun tadi, yeay!

Hope takda pape la ok today first day puasa. Hahaha
Cam pelik je 0_o
Till next update guys.


-already cut my nails

-minyak angin pecah dalam bilikku, and the smell really urggh. panas bilik aku jadinya. sebaik dah okay dah.

-still doing my IT mindmaps. nak pass up esok. dari hari tu tak siap!

-Esok esok tomorrow, saturday sebok je ada exam FINAL. IT sahaja. Lab je. fck!

-Dah makan sahur. Naan and Tandoori. HHmmm awal sahur, jangan lapar sok sudah :/

- and lastly , Missing Him. Tapi, siapa peduli?

- not to forget la, my jerawat tengah naik, dammmmmmit! stress

Thursday, September 3, 2009


*my all time favorite!
this song NEVER FAILS to make me cry.
really touch my heart on the first time I heard this song very long time ago, and still, and forever!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


-skip class today.

-so just sit at home, doing works. basuh pinggan, basuh baju.

-potong kuku :/

-gantung baju-baju dalam almari

-sapu lantai bilik

-buat mindmaps IT, hantar je hari jumaat.

-main games


-wait for my dad , he come home today

-ask my mum to accompany me to celcom, pay bills. dono yet when :}

-got rm5 free reload. gift from hotlink! thanks :)

-need new hair cut. tapi taktahu bila.

-I think those Indonesians who did bakar our Jalur Gemilang are so stupidddd monkey asshole. THANKS!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Oh supre thingy! Come to me or wait for me forever.

SUPRE SUPRE. definitely there is no SUPRE in M'sia. Nice clothes and affordable!
Hmmm siapa baik hati mau pergi aussie. hehe sydney ke boleh lah I kirim-kirim.
Like I said, SUPRE come to me or wait for me forever. Hahahaha tahun bila I boleh pergi overseas and shopppppp ni. Ameeen.

All pictures from
I'm loving it, and I know they will love my dad's money LOL

Sneak Peek Advance Shopping Raya!

Much things to update. macam ni lah jadinya. Still got a lot of things yang nak dibeli, but duit peruntukan oleh abahku, sudah ku habiskan. dang you shakira!

macam kenal je? its my mum laaa! HAHA

Wehoo, raya sakan?