Sunday, September 13, 2009

Am crazy lazy bum , not going to class today. My last classes today actually. Who care?

Going to finish my assignment by this evening or by tonight and pass up tomorow.

Am now very lazy to go to class especially this very last weekend before raya. ( this weekend pun raya kan?) haha

I need a new mouse!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The one am using now is fckng irritating ya know

Start packing my stuffs already, getting ready to a trip balik kg this thursday.

My dad will be back home today from Kota Kinabalu

I got B- for my IT midterm exam, shocked!!! haha I must work hard more to get A.

Lazy going to classes and some subjects I didn't do the last quizzes so what I'm going to do is, focus on final exam! Try to score the paper, for atleast I'll try not to FAIL, because I don't want to repeat. God will help me. Ameen.

I like Mr Tajul to be my mentor , I hate this new mentor. Perempuan lak tu. I prefer Mr Tajul. Garang-garang but still cool.

I miss school days, demmit!

Hoping that next semester, I'm gonna be good than this semester. Just learn to be better

I bought new shocking pink kebaya, again?! Please stop, shakira!

Already sent my handphone to get fix yesterday. I don't think they will done fixing before Thursday. Am going back to kg lah sudah, leceh la susah orang nak contact. (perasan businesswoman)

Paid my celcom bill last night! And now my bill balance is RM30. Pffft for last month ok!

I'm going to call my classmate right after the class finish. I need information about final and payment and slip and timetable. (dah la malas pergi class)

Whatever lah, bye!

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