Monday, September 7, 2009

Very fast update 0_o

- bilik banjir dua tiga hari lepas, membuatkan aku tidur dekat hall atas ni.

-bilik berbau kepam macam tu lah, just wait for the housekeeper to come.

-balas dendam day today, since I got lack of sleep yesterday and the day before yesterday haha
so today I sleep until evening dengan tak mandi nya.

-dah mandi dah now :P because I'm going out with le parents and lil brother. We're going to
Uptown Shah Alam, tengok apa ada, dan sahur sekali kot?

-is going to upload lagu raya to the phone. haha now is the right time kan?!

-I want my topshop shoes. anyone will bring me there? If not, I'll be going by myself.

-Money can't buy love!

-is missing to spend time with someone badly! You don't know how I feel because you keep thinking about yourself without learning others feeling

-I love to joke around but if u can't stand me, obviously u really don't know me. There's a lot of things you must learn.

-I'll keep learning about life!

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