Thursday, September 10, 2009


- am now addicted to online games so bad. I love it till I forgot to catch my sleep. haha

- got morning class tomorrow 10am. much lazy but have to, might be the last class for Malaysian Studies before Raya Holiday and final exam.

-Liar! haha one of my lecturer said last wednesday was her last class with us, but sudden my friend text me , next week still got class for certain subjects. Bull($#. Please la, bother our 10 last days before raya, students who stay far from here, nak jugak balik kampung awal kan? saat saat akhir kemeriahan nak menjelang raya. * I pun nak cuti cepat, sebok je kan. haha*

- Kinda pissed off with my coll friends , they didn't tell me or remind me anything about pre-registration! thank god, one of my friend different course called me just now, and asked me about it, kalau tak, I don't even now anything. and thank god again, tomorrow is the last day for pre-register, so still have time, or else I'll have to pay RM50 for penalty!

-Need to settle up two things in college. First is, drop by at dean's office to take my add/drop form copy. I have to keep that. *memintak ada lagi, dah lama kot!*
Then, I must go to account department lah, I wanna ask about fees and examination slip. pfffft!

-I want to "berbuka" with bf and friends on saturday! don't care! please. Nak raya dah tau

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