Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sugar sugar!

Fav of all time ;)
But the monster energy drink. That is awesome and I just had to snap a pic of it. Love!
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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Regarding to "my next mission" entry!

I'm so happy , alhamdulillah.
Hampir kesemua mission sudah dicapai. Thanks to my parents , and ofcourse thank god.

1. I got adidas original shoes dah lama dah, so alhamdulillah, tapi bukan with my own money! Thanks to mum. :) hahaha and I already bought a pair of fred perry shoes, which is one of my fav brand! Hihi

2. I said I want an onyx blackberry right? But I said, if I wait longer I can get better one! So yeah, true! I owned a Torch Blackberry now, grr happy! Thank you so much to my parents! :) you guys are great.

3. Number 3 was a sidekick phone! Errr no, tak dapat lagi. But then I fall in love with this coming new blackberry, blackberry oxford or style if I'm not mistaken. Sumpah cun! I'm really gonna get one! 'With my own money'.. If my dad read this, I'm in hell laaaaa! Hahaha

4. My own car! I got my own car! Thank god. Dah lama dah, dah siap accident teruk lagi that day, :( but now my baby dah okay , oww its just a 'made in malaysia' car! Don't worry haters! LOL ;p

5. A good vacayyy! Definitely not in local places, maybe next year, amin.

Well that's all. Such ay long post lol
I love my life!
Thank you god
Thank you parents and all . <3
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Long time no see

Hey hey! I don't know whether I still have some readers or not ;/

I'm back, at first I thought I just want to delete this blog, since I have no time for blogging.

Nahh I'm not busy, I'm busy sleeping! Wakakaka.

But hell yeah, I can post an entry using email thru my blackberry, so why not I just keep updating. Hmmmm

Well, hello everyone, I'm still the same!
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