Saturday, September 12, 2009

Recent Updates on Sunday noon

- I slept at 7 in the morning and woke up at 12 noon. early pulak

- I am still craving for chocolate cake :( and nandos

- Still addicted to online games. I tried all games and continue searching and browsing
for new games

- A bit excited to balik kg this coming thursday most probably. because I know I'll have friend
there, hehe u know who u are girl. can't wait :p and my cousins too.

- I'm shocked and gedik because Syed Adney malaysia's football goalkeeper requested as my
follower on twitter haha, and now he is. Ok dah dah gedik, or else Saleha will kill me. I met
him once on JSE's birthday last few months. Seems like he still remember me? Hish gedik.

- Must lepak at the skatepark and go for sahur and tehrik before thursday! Contact me girls.

- Find out one more game similar to Luxor and Zuma, its called Sparkle. haha I love Luxor

- I met Elyana, AC Mizal, Liyana Jasmay, Bunkface (lol), Imran Ajmain, Emylia Rosnaida,
Jayjay on this year ramadhan but I have no picture with them lololol hahaha

- One of my cat called Nome, is baring-baring beside me right now, and mengada-ngada
and laid his head on my pillow!

- I haven't finish my assignment yet. Thinking to submit it tomorrow, so I don't have to go
college again on tuesday 0_o takpe sikit je!

- Right now I'm bored doing nothing. update blog and facebook-ing , almost all of the games
on AOLgames I've tried already. . . mmmammmamiaaaaaaaaaa!

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