Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My next mission.

Hello babies,
I tengah berangan nak pau bapak I nanti, one day la, not now.. Here's my latest wish list..

1) Adidas Originals women shoes I don't know plak what's ze name of the shoes but the color is dark blue metallic *faint man* (but this with my own saving money :p )

2) I want an Onyx! Blackberry Onyx please daddy cause everyone are crazy bout it now.. But, I think its okay, I shall what's next attraction after onyx. Sebab nanti overrated plak semua nak pakai onyx right. ( Ni cita-cita nak upgrade blckberry je, from now punya to higher level. Bukan higher level tapi higher price. Sbb mine now dah the best actually)

3) Ok dah dah pasal blackberry. I nak sidekick handphone , not avail in Malaysia. Kan? Kirim kat kawan yg kat US boleh kan. *berangan*

4) My own car. Kereta buatan Malaysia yg dijanjikan abahku.. Semoga menjadi kenyataan. Tak kesah, janji tak payah share dgn my brodddahh.. Kalau my dream car, tunggu lagi 5 6 tahun.. Amin.. Ye ye jer

5) A good and enjoyable holiday!! I nak capture gambar banyak-banyak. Oh oh I mean pergi luar dari Malaysia lah. :)

Oh daddy please , all of this gonna come true , may we all live in happiness and big prosperity in the future! :) ameen. I love my family.

Penat dah membebel? Night.
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Friday, February 12, 2010


Testing updating my blog using phone! Wheeee =) I feel closer to my readers

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Thursday, February 11, 2010


My holiday has begins. One week. =)
I'm gonna list out what activity and what am I going to do on my one week holiday!

1) Ofcourse the first one would be shopping! Shopping therapy with family and mr bf on Saturday!

2) Study atleast 30 minutes for a day,=)

3) Prepare my UK presentation. Songs, Man U tshirt and all.

4) Chill with mr bf and the brothers.

5) Sleep!

There you go , what a boring life I got , any good activities to share? Tell me readers.

Oh anyway, I have already transfer my money to the blogshops. I have ordered a bag , 1 jacket and a cardigan. One of the blogshop have replied me, but another one is MIA. Please update me lah (macam dia baca sini plak). Kata nanti cuti CNY seminggu. Hmmmm I think I should give em a call tomorrow morning! :)

Till next darlings

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Hello Hello!

Sorry for being on hiatus for 83429104 days. Oh my god. I think I am too lazy to write, to blog and to do everything even I skipped class most of the time! What Im gonna be in future? Please change your attitude dear Shakira.

Some random updates from me:

1) I failed my midsemester finance paper! what the hell. I went to class, yes I did but I couldn't remember those shits (formulas). Dang so manyyyy how lah? I should work harder I guess.

2) I will I will I will I promise to god, I'll do my own revision and tutorials atleast 30 minutes a day cz I don't want to fail my final paper. PLEASE.

3) I have to attend dance practice for International Night in my college on 24th Feb.

4) I'll be on shopping therapy with my mom and siblings this weekend, I'm so happy. Thanks Abah.

5) Haven't been in any gig in this while. My boifren is busy every weekends with his class.

6) My bf have ordered his Blackberry from Maxis. Can't wait. I hope they still have stock. I'll have new gang soon. =)

7) I need to find a casual shoes or sneakers but I don't know where I could find one. TOPSHOP? PULL & BEAR? ZARA? or any suggestion guys?

8) I need somebody to be my influence or to teach me or give me some suggestion how to do our own revision? The very effective one! Please drop some comment people, I need help.