Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Sorry to those who read my previous post.
I was so mad at that time.
I know I shouldn't talked that way, but I hope u guys understand.
What I said/wrote/type last night were came from my little heart with anger and disappointment.
Thats all.

Right after I posted the entry, I went out with mr bf to the skatepark.
Just watched him play and layan game on the phone while waiting for two miss world Juliana and Farrah to arrived there.
Then we go gossip session at kedai makan section 13. haha
Back to the skatepark , lepak again.
Lepas tu, went to kedai mamak pulak at sec9.
For TEHRIK. I mean, Teh Tarik. hahah sorry farrah.
Done, and went home.

Irhas, Juliana, Farrah , you guys made my day. Thanks! ;-)

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