Sunday, June 7, 2009


Here I am in Miri, Sarawak since last friday.
Oh, baru hari ke tiga :)
Missing my bf and cats so much. hehe.
Hope they'll be okay til I get back.

Thank god, got internet connection here.
Nevermind sometimes its very slow, but still I can communicate with you guys using this internet!
It quite boring here, but I managed to shop because some of the things here are cheap. Yeay.
Some of it mahal jugak, u know lah the magazines semua mahal, tak berbaloi lah nak beli, eventhough boring gila. hehe.

Yesterday I went to The Empirial Mall, I bought one sling bag, yeay bag again, lol.
I bought purse too, cheapppp maa, got discount haha
Went to Boulevard Mall too and bought long grey stocking hehe
Lagi satu Bintang Mall. damn keliru the names of the malls

Today I went to E-Mart, its like Pasar or Uptown la in KL. haha
I bought sling bag, yeah bag again!
I'm thinking to go there again, to look for handbag, yah again.

My b, I want to buy u something, but I dont know what to buy la,
I will buy anything jelah okay
Except for the fred perry, rare but expensive la syg
Forgot to tell u, sweater fred perry pun ada, damn lawa, but its 100++
No money, ;(
Hope u read this chey macam tak boleh ckp kat handphone je =P

Tomorrow my dad kerja, so me and my mum boleh lah pergi shopppping lagi :)
Lama lama pun takpe.

Tak sabar jugak nak balik.
Hari khamis baru balik. :(
Takpe, I still have many plans what to do the next next day until I fly back.
Funfair , Bowling with brothers, Basketballs in Arked with brothers jugak haha
Tengok dorang main skateboard pun boleh
Taman buaya, yeay
and more.
Tidur pun boleh huhuhu :)
Till next post .

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