Saturday, June 20, 2009


Fine one day I can't sleep and keep thinking about money, I am officially broke at that time.

The next day, which is last Thursday, I woke up from my tidur tidur ayam, and went to college for sem registration.

I find out how much that I need to pay for the whole this current sem which I will start going to classes next week.

I'm happy, banyak lah duit lebih. So I can use the balance money.

The next day, which is Friday, yes, yesterday! I got my money. (suku daripada balance kot)

At night , which is last night! I spent about RM250 in the club!

Oh damn, road to hell. HAHA

Now, today, which is Saturday, I need to start focusing on my study and earn more and more money again, I'll update my blogshop, and sell my preloved items to friends!

They want to see the items, but I still have no time for that.
Hem, I have an idea, to drop the items/clothes at your door, you choose, and you pay! :)
(for friends only)

I'll find some time by next week!

And hello I'm sick of you, get your own life , use your own words , use your brain to think about your own idea, YOU COPYCAT.

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