Saturday, August 1, 2009

dear friend

Don't expect people to know and understand, what are you doing right now, what are you thinking right now, how is your mood right now, how big problem you're having right now, what do you want right now, what is your life principe, without telling them any?

Don't expect me to understand you, if you never learn to understand me.

If you have problem, don't try to release it to me, because I might have a big problem to handle with too. But I don't mind if you want to share em with me. Please, don't talk or write to me those fu$^&cking%* harsh words just to release your stress!

I am very upset, because clearly you don't know me, I love to joking around but sadly you take it too serious. Let me refresh your memory , that I think I didn't said anything that can hurt your feeling. If there is anything, I was just joking.

Aku bukan span untuk serap semua benda.
I am your friend today, or maybe still , tomorrow.
Hari ni aku terima, doesn't mean esok lusa aku akan terima lagi.
Kalau dah benci nanti, mampos kau lah kan
I am that type.
Aku tak suruh kau jaga hati aku
Tapi alah, gurau je kot.
Paling tak boleh blah, benda kecik je. wtf
Chill lah.

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