Sunday, August 9, 2009

Check this out

I want this. From RAGS&threads blogshop.
Very affordable price!

I really really want this! Its from thekookything blogshop
Humagod tapi I think the sizes sume besar-besar.
I plak kaki size 3 atau 4 je boleh pakai,
but kadang-kadang depends on the shoes jugak hmmmm

But due to this handbag down here.....

I have to clear the payment of this bag dulu, then baru boleh pikir yang lain.
Nice kan? I love it. Its RM75!
shorty's cup of tea blogshop.
They had this in blue and black
But blue is the real color of the flag, so I want blueeeee
They have to restock.
So I have to pay the depo first thanks jas!
Woweeeee can't wait.

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