Thursday, July 30, 2009


I want my nice hair back. please
I want to buy make up tomorrow. can't wait
I have morning class tomorrow. hate it
I want vitagen. Already got it, my mum bought it for me just now, thanks
I want money. I mean , a lot of money. soon
I want my shopping for raya, can't wait. soon soon
I hate people with no money, but act like they have. annoys me
I love my bf. I miss him lah
I have to submit my acc quizzes tomorrow. damn I don't know wheres her office!
I want to tidy up my room. but I have no enough time , waste a lot of time with other things
I'm going to Kuantan on 8th august. see you guys there
I miss my best gfs. lets lepak
I want to hang with le bf. tomorrow
I'm bored. what ey random updates.

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