Sunday, May 17, 2009

Ooo Lalalala!

My purchased today,
This is kinda crazy,
I should not done this
I am crazy
My mum will kill me anytime
Because I keep on wasting money
My wardrobe is already full of clothes bags shoes
I need to update my blog shop with more goods
But i have no model to wear my clothes
Oh my, I must be doing all this thing very fast to earn some money! =P

My new love shoes. In the picture is not its true color

So irie kan? Love it.

Oversize Shirt, I look girlish when I wear it

Grey plain t-shirt. Nice!

Two tubes black and grey , I always forgot where I put my tubes so I bought two more
So its easier for me to find them, memintak tak hilang semua! HAHA

I have placed my order to one of the blogshops.
Will COD on this week.
And I want ZARA's Flat shoes.
After that, Stopppp okay!!! (YELAAAA EYRA!)


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