Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I've made mistakes

Why couldn't you be like me?
You make mistakes, and I forgive.

Why couldn't I ask for forgiveness?
I am human being and I make mistakes.
I can't run from the fact of life

When all the shits hit me straight to my face, there's no one beside me,
I can't talk, I can't explain, you leave me with no answer.
Its not fair.

You can blame me for this, yeah obviously my fault
But hey don't blame me for who I am today.
I learn from you, I learn from what had happened before
I learn from what you did to me, I learn from mistakes
I learn from everything I went through in my life
I learn from my surroundings.
I learn it all and that's who I am today.

But.. I still love you, I still love my family
I still love myself
I still love my good friends.

Most probably , I shouldn't give you guys a lot of chances.
I should think about myself, my feelings.
I don't know, I'm confuse. I'm stress.

Be happy with all you got now, people!
I already ask for forgiveness, I don't ask for more

I made mistakes y'all
I made mistakes y'all
I am not god nor angel.
I made mistakes.
Tapi saya bukan pengkhianat.
Macam mana saya boleh maafkan pengkhianat macam awak?
Dah kata, nabi pun maafkan umat.


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