Sunday, October 11, 2009

Bloop blooopp

I am back from Kuantan.
Boring is the best word I can described.
MNG Store there is the most sucks one that I have been. Thankyou.
But am happy cz thanks dad, I got new watch =_=

Just got home from oldtown coffee.
Chillin with Nana and her friend.
Gossip non stop.

I've paid my celcom bill.
But still have balance la wey, hutang :/
Janji tak kena bar okay la kan

I have to unpack my things
Bawak keluar semua barang dalam kereta
Do my laundry
Cut my nails

I came back just now, I forgot to buy my brother's maxis reload.
He yelled at me, dan ketuk-ketuk my room's door kuat2.
Damn you, kurang hajar gilaaaaaaaa!!!!
Guys are mostly the same! I am totally fed up!!!!!!

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