Sunday, April 12, 2009

I'm very happy

I bought one oversize t-shirt from Simplious blogshop.
I bought a pair of sandal at the Vincci Store.
I bought 3 necklaces from Bonita.
I bought 2 brooch for my mum's belated birthday.
I bought a pack of Indian Bangles. (love it)
I already placed my order to Peaches & Pixies blogshop and I'll pick up my torn legging probably on Wednesday, if I'm free from classes.
I placed my order to Dazzles blogshop too, and will pick up my brown sandal tomorrow. :)

I'm too lazy to upload the pictures of my purchased, later eh.
Nice nice, happy happy, smile smile.
After that I'll save my money for good trips to Penang, Melaka, Miri and bla bla bla.
I'll save some more also for May Mega Sales. Hehehe.
Tahan nafsu til May !
May kan mega sale?
HEHEHEHE evil laugh !

Ohhhh and I have to belanja my mum and brothers makan-makan , Hartamas Sq kot on Friday. =p

Dah dapat dah my strappy studded shoes from Dazzles Blogshop! Yippieeee hey!

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