Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Hell yeah, there's a lot of pictures from the event yang tak di upload here.
Ini adalah kerana, I'm very very lazy to upload them.
So, if you guys wanna see the pictures (gambar-gambar buruk),
Bolehlah tekan keyboard anda (sambil-sambil promote ni).

I'm lazy to upload them here because,
Its hard for me to choose which pictures are the best to upload.
Kalau dekat ms/fb, aku upload je semua hahaha.
Pening tau nak choose best pictures =p
Ala, ntah-ntah pun semua dah tengok kat ms dan fb kan? kan? kan?

Anyway, this weekend, I'll follow my bf's ass to Melaka.
Yup, for the gigs ofcourse.
See you there!

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