Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Hello Hello!

Sorry for being on hiatus for 83429104 days. Oh my god. I think I am too lazy to write, to blog and to do everything even I skipped class most of the time! What Im gonna be in future? Please change your attitude dear Shakira.

Some random updates from me:

1) I failed my midsemester finance paper! what the hell. I went to class, yes I did but I couldn't remember those shits (formulas). Dang so manyyyy how lah? I should work harder I guess.

2) I will I will I will I promise to god, I'll do my own revision and tutorials atleast 30 minutes a day cz I don't want to fail my final paper. PLEASE.

3) I have to attend dance practice for International Night in my college on 24th Feb.

4) I'll be on shopping therapy with my mom and siblings this weekend, I'm so happy. Thanks Abah.

5) Haven't been in any gig in this while. My boifren is busy every weekends with his class.

6) My bf have ordered his Blackberry from Maxis. Can't wait. I hope they still have stock. I'll have new gang soon. =)

7) I need to find a casual shoes or sneakers but I don't know where I could find one. TOPSHOP? PULL & BEAR? ZARA? or any suggestion guys?

8) I need somebody to be my influence or to teach me or give me some suggestion how to do our own revision? The very effective one! Please drop some comment people, I need help.


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