Thursday, February 11, 2010


My holiday has begins. One week. =)
I'm gonna list out what activity and what am I going to do on my one week holiday!

1) Ofcourse the first one would be shopping! Shopping therapy with family and mr bf on Saturday!

2) Study atleast 30 minutes for a day,=)

3) Prepare my UK presentation. Songs, Man U tshirt and all.

4) Chill with mr bf and the brothers.

5) Sleep!

There you go , what a boring life I got , any good activities to share? Tell me readers.

Oh anyway, I have already transfer my money to the blogshops. I have ordered a bag , 1 jacket and a cardigan. One of the blogshop have replied me, but another one is MIA. Please update me lah (macam dia baca sini plak). Kata nanti cuti CNY seminggu. Hmmmm I think I should give em a call tomorrow morning! :)

Till next darlings

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