Monday, November 16, 2009


Hate it but kinda love it. Hahahaha do you understand the feeling? because I just couldn't.
Anyway, I need something that can keep my hair look good and not terrible as before. ahhahaha something like wax? andddd ofcourse hair straightening. I mean hair iron LOL.

Pffftt thats sound so many things will be add into my "getting ready" list. :/

I want to natural bleach my hair lah, like my lil brother did to his hair.
Very very nice color I must add.
Hmm. we'll see. coming soon. real soon. very very soon. ok stop crapping shits.

I'll register my new semester in college on this thursday or friday or saturday.
I'm not sure which one aaa.

Oh guys, shout yeah! coz I really love my new ripped jeans!!!
Will upload the picture of its soon. SOON. yeah soon.
See ya!


sebab saye nadrah hassan said...

eyh i likeee!~

EYRA said...

thanks beby.
i must work hard to make my hair look good. susah nak handle gak pendek2 ni hahah mcm apa je ayat kan!