Wednesday, November 18, 2009


dom date = short form for random update. hahaha. okay not funnaaaay! at all. lol.

Its been a long time since I updated about so many random things bout my life.
So here I come again. I don't want to upload any picture in this post. So much pictures already in this boring blog. hehe :/ I'm going to make u guys begging me for a picture next time hahaha that's show u guys are missing me hahaha *perasan* fckng gross ok enough.

well I'm having such a boring life on my holidays.
I'll be back to college by next week.
I'm happy. weird right? I need "classes" to keep me busy and "not boring".
But as I said it for now I'm happy, lama-lama malas pulak kan? :p

My mood swing is very very bad nowadays.
Maybe because I'm getting bored of my life.
Everyday is just the same.
I need something to cheer me up.
I miss having good time at the hartamas square, AC and blablabla.
I couldn't remember when was the last time I went there, you see?
It's okay then, good time will come, no need to run for it.

I'm just saying, in whatever you do, whatever you run for your future ke apa ke.
Me, as a daughter, as a girlfriend, as a friend, will never stop supporting you guys.
But sometimes, I'm getting sick of it, when I couldn't get what I want, I must wait for long to have anything I wish for, or ya, I have to wait for it like "forever".
You can do whatever you want you love to do, tapi jangan lupa dengan kemahuan orang lain yang perlukan support jugak. If I do anything yang . . . . (i dont know whats the right word), there must be something. Think. Think. Think.

However, I never say my life is sucks.
Because I love my life and surrounding eventhough I have so so much problems but still everyone got lotsa problems right?
Thank to god, I have such a wonderful dad and mom.
My dad works hard to give everything to us. love and everything we want as long as he can affords.

I'm hungry.

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